Industrial Ventilation

Any business needs to look after the health and welfare of their staff as well as adhering to health and safety standards.

It is not uncommon for industrial property to become incredibly hot and stuffy. Under these circumstances and without industrial ventilation, employees will find it increasingly difficult to concentrate.

Industrial ventilation systems help to remove the heat and humidity from the air. Industrial ventilation also provides a method to remove fumes and noxious smells, providing a supply of clean, fresh air. It can also help in the prevention of airborne infections potentially lowering sick absenteeism and improving production.

Express Cooling Services has amassed vast experience in the design and fitting of industrial ventilations to many different businesses within a number of industries. The industrial ventilation system required varies depending on the conditions of the area to be ventilated. However, through our experience, we are able to offer industrial ventilation that will easily clear the thickest of dust, smoke or fumes ensuring a healthier place to work and a more effective workforce.

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