VRF or VRV Systems

Variable refrigerant flow or Volume systems are large scale and high performance multi air conditioning system for buildings commonly used in commercial projects. They are a type of system where a single or multiple, outdoor units are connected to a number of indoor fan coils to provide an integral system.

VRF Systems are suited to office blocks, hotels or any building where there are a significant number of individual rooms to be air conditioned. This type of installation can offer benefits in terms of energy consumption, heat recovery and control systems.

VRF systems incorporate inverter controlled compressors, these respond to changes in cooling or heating demand to precisely meet the changing requirement.

Outdoor units are capable of handling very long pipe runs and can therefore often be positioned out of sight. This also means that the number of outdoor units can be reduced for a given total cooling requirement; this can be as high as 90kW on a single system.

All types of indoor units can be connected to a VRF system in any combination - ducted, cassette, wallmount etc.

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