Thermal Management

Monitoring the temperature of your assets – remotely

You want to monitor the temperature and/or humidity and may be other parameters of your critical assets and environments. These may be freezers, refrigerators, warehouses, incubators, expensive or critical electronics, critical IT systems, transport or food. Express Cooling Services provide all the monitoring you need to be fully compliant and streamline your operations.

Our solutions can be independent of all other control and monitoring systems or part of an existing system. Our systems and solutions track the conditions that are important to you and provide a variety of alarm notification methods and reports that are fully configurable to your needs and compliant with regulatory requirements. Information is logged continously and is available for review as required from any location.

Our remote monitoring systems are simple to set up and operate and will monitor a number of parameters including:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity

With our remote monitoring systems all of the sensing of all parameters and datalogging required can be done at the site needed (or remotely) but the information, control and alert is available and notified to the user over the GSM network, LAN or WAN - immediately.

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